The Territorial College of Architects of Alicante has launched a call for the exhibition at its headquarters titled “Arquitectas de Alicante”. In it they could present their works the architects of Alicante who wished, to make a selection of the most outstanding works.

This exhibition aims to make visible to society the work done by the architects of the province and to encourage reflection on the relationship between Architecture and Gender.
The exhibition was inaugurated on April 7, in the framework of a broader set of activities that will include a conference with architects of recognized prestige, the presentation of the book of the recent Architecture Samples in Alicante 2006-2015 and the presentation of the App from Plazatio.

Within the exhibition, some of the works of Loft 26 have been selected, so we have participated with 5 of our works, in them there are works of reform, interior design, an extension of a house, among others. These are the 5 selected:

Apartament Victoria

Apartment for a musician

Apartment Turmalina 

 Loft 53

Reform hall building Capri